Xiaoxiang-1 03 Satellite

Xiaoxiang-1 03
Xiaoxiang-1 03
Xiaoxiang-1 03
Xiaoxiang-1 03
Xiaoxiang-1 03
Satellite name Xiaoxiang-1 03 (Qingteng Zhi Xing, Qingtengzhixing, Xiaoxiang-1 03 xing, TY3-04, Tianyi-11, TY-11, XIAOXIANG 3)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status Reentry 2024-01-08. Was operational? (Official article from Spacety on 2019-09-02)
Launched 2019-01-21
NORAD ID 43944
Deployer Unknown,(Photo link)
Launcher Long March 11
Organisation Spacety
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Headquarters China
Manufacturer AIVT by Spacety
Launch brokerer Unknown

Full-color miniature remote sensing camera and deorbit drag sail.


Full-color miniature remote sensing camera. Remote sensing imaging technology verification based on industrial lens + commercial high performance detector. Ionic liquid microelectric propulsion. Also equipped with a programmable satellite payload developed by Aerospace Maker (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as SkySky Maker).

The payload uses a dual Linux cold standby system and supports C language programs and Python programs. The deployment allows students to upload their own programs to the satellite load for execution by using satellite measurement and control channels after the satellite is launched, and truly "play" the satellites.


Second country in the world to carry out ionic liquid microelectric propulsion space verification tests. Has assisted customers to complete software radio experiments, ionic liquid microelectric propulsion space verification tests, self-developed off-orbit sail experiments, and very low-cost imaging experiments of spaceborne cameras.

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Photo sources [1] [2] [3]
Keywords De-orbit device, Propulsion
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