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CubeSats Platforms & Mission Services

Ready-to-launch CubeSats from 1U to 27U. Full mission services including launch procurement, frequency coordination and spacecraft operations.

Adcole Maryland AerospaceAlen SpaceArgotecArtemis SpaceAstro DigitalAstronomikon labBlue Canyon TechnologiesC3SCircle AerospaceClyde SpaceEnduroSatExoTerraExseed SpaceFP SpaceGeneral AtomicsGerman Orbital SystemsGomSpaceGUMUSHHEO RoboticsIMTsrlISIS Innovative Solutions In SpaceIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)Millennium Space SystemsNanoAvionicsNear Space LaunchNEXEYAOKB Fift GenerationOpen CosmosOrbital TransportsPumpkinRagnarok IndustriesReaktor SpaceSatByulSatRevolutionSpace Flight LaboratorySpace Information LabsSpace InventorSpace ShiftSpacemanicSpacetySPUTNIXStellar ExplorationSurrey Satellite TechnologyTyvak Terran OrbitalWARPSPACE

IOD/IOV (In-Orbit Demonstration) Services

Focus on numerous small payloads on single CubeSats for IOD/IOV with full mission services.

Boreal SpaceGerman Orbital SystemsOpen CosmosSpacePharmaSpacety

Propulsion / Thruster Modules

Various propulsion modules or thrusters for CubeSats from cold gas to electric.

Accion SystemsAerojet RocketdyneAether IndustriesAlienaApollo FusonAurora Propulsion TechnologiesAvant SpaceBaryon DynamicsBellatrix AerospaceBenchmark Space SystemsBradford Space (ECAPS)BusekCOMATCU AerospaceDeep Space IndustriesEnpulsionExoTerraExotrailFroberg AerospaceGomSpace SwedenHyperion TechnologiesHypernova Space TechnologiesMars SpaceMicro AerospaceMicrospaceMotorSatNanoAvionicsOdysseus SpacePacSci EMCPhase FourPlasma ProcessesPositron DynamicsStellar ExplorationT4iTesseractTethers UnlimitedThrustMeVACCO IndustriesVentionsZENNO Astronautics

Embedded / Onboard Software

Software for on-board computers.

AIKOAlen SpaceBright AscensionGomSpaceKubos

Mission Control Systems

Software for ground systems for monitoring and commanding spacecraft.

AIKOAlen SpaceBright AscensionEMSISTIKubosSaber AstronauticsSolenixSpaceitZENNO Astronautics

Ground Station Networks / Orbital Data Relay

Networks of ground stations or orbital satellites to increase the communication times with satellites.

Analytical SpaceATLAS Space OperationsAudacyBridgeSatCapricorn SpaceCingulan SpaceEnduroSatGoonhilly Earth StationHeliaqInfostellarKongsberg Satellite ServicesLeaf SpaceRBC SignalsSwedish Space Corporation

Launch Services

Launch procurement services and some small satellite launchers. Full list at

Blue Canyon TechnologiesbspaceCircle AerospaceCommercial Space TechnologiesD-OrbitECMGaussGilmour Space TechnologiesGlavkosmosGoonhilly Earth StationISIS Innovative Solutions In SpaceKSF SpaceLaMont AerospaceMitsuiNanoAvionicsNanoRacksOpen CosmosParabilis Space TechnologiesPrecious PayloadRocket LabSpace BDSpace Flight LaboratorySpaceflightTriSept CorpTyvak Terran OrbitalVector Space SystemsVirgin Orbit

Imagers / Cameras

Optical cameras or imagers in the visible or near-infrared wavelength range. Some are multrispectral and hyperspectral imagers.

Astro DigitalBerlin Space TechnologiesCosine ResearchCrystalSpaceGomSpaceMalin Space Science SystemsOSERAL SpaceSACSatByulSATLANTISSimera SenseTeledyne e2vXCAMXiomas Technologies

Laser / Optical Transmitters

Laser communication in space for downlink to Earth or inter-satellite links (ISL).

Aphelion OrbitalsArchangel LightworksBridgeSatFibertekGolbriak SpaceMynaricOdysseus SpaceSpace InventorTesat SpacecomTranscelestial Technologies

High-Speed Transmitters

High-speed RF transceivers and transmitters for CubeSats from S-band to Ka-band.

Akash SystemsAmaya SpaceArralisAstro DigitalAstronautical DevelopmentCPUTIQ wireless GmbHSatByulSatixFySatlabSyrlinksTethers Unlimited

Antennas (Dipole, Patch, Helix)

Popular antennas for CubeSats from UHF/VHF turnstile to X-band patch antennas.

AntDevCoANYWAVESAstronautical DevelopmentCPUTEnduroSatGomSpaceHCTIMTsrlIQ wireless GmbHISIS Innovative Solutions In SpaceNeedronixOptiSysPicoSaTsPrinted Circuit LaboratoriesSkyFox LabsSpaceQuestStellar Exploration

Antennas (Parabolic, Reflectarray, Phased Arrays)

Advanced antennas with much higher gains.

ArralisGUMUSHKymetaMMA DesignNSLCommTendegTICRA

UHF / VHF Transceivers

Low-speed transceivers for CubeSats commonly in the UHF and/or VHF bands.

Alen SpaceAmaya SpaceAstronautical DevelopmentCPUTCrystalSpaceEnduroSatGomSpaceISIS Innovative Solutions In SpaceOKB Fift GenerationPicoSaTsRadioBroSoletopSpacemanicSpaceQuestStenSat GroupVulcan Wireless

Power Systems (EPS), Batteries, Solar Panels

Electrical Power Systems (EPS) and other systems related to power generation, distribution and storage.

AAC MicrotecAphelion OrbitalsBlue Canyon TechnologiesC3SClyde SpaceComposite Technology DevelopmentCrystalSpaceDHV TechnologyEnduroSatEXAGaussGomSpaceGUMUSHHoneybee RoboticsIMTsrlISIS Innovative Solutions In SpaceMMA DesignNanoAvionicsNanohmicsNanoramic LaboratoriesNARA Space TechnologyOxford Space SystemsPumpkinSkyFox LabsSolAero TechnologiesSoletopSpace InventorTethers UnlimitedTheia Space

OBC / CDHS (On-Board Computer)

Flight computers and data storage systems for CubeSats.

AAC MicrotecAphelion OrbitalsAstri PolskaAstro DigitalC3SClyde SpaceCubeSpaceEnduroSatGaussGomSpaceGUMUSHHawkEye 360Ideas-TekIMTsrlISIS Innovative Solutions In SpaceNanoAvionicsNanoRavenSoletopSpace InventorSpace MicroTyvak Terran OrbitalXiphos

ADCS / AOCS (GPS, Sun Sensor, Star Tracker, Magnetorquer, Reaction Wheels)

Attitude and Orbit Determination & Control Systems with related components.

Adcole Maryland AerospaceAeolus Aero TechAstrofeinAzmeritBerlin Space TechnologiesBlue Canyon TechnologiesCOMATCubeSat PointingCubeSpaceGerman Orbital SystemsHyperion TechnologiesLens R&DNeedronixNewSpace SystemsPumpkinSatByulSinclair InterplanetarySkyFox LabsSolar MEMS TechnologiesSpace InventorSpace MicroSpacemanicSpaceQuestSurrey Satellite Technology

QKD (Quantum Key Distribution)

Companies active in the QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) related subsystems.

Craft ProspectS15 Space

CubeSat Deployer / Dispenser

CubeSat deployers or dispensers like the P-POD.

AstrofeinD-OrbitECMGaussISIS Innovative Solutions In SpacePlanetary Systems CorporationQUAD-MRocket LabSatByulSpace Flight LaboratoryTetonsysTyvak Terran OrbitalXtenti

CubeSat Constellations

Commercial constellations of primarily CubeSat-type satellites.

Earth Observation (Visible, Multispectral) Constellations

Astro DigitalDauria AerospaceHera SystemsKarten SpacePlanet LabsSatRevolutionTekever

Earth Observation (Hyperspectral, IR) Constellations

AISTechHyperCubesKoolockOrora Tech (Orbital Oracle Technologies)Reaktor Space

Communications (M2M/IoT, Data Relay, Internet) Constellations

AISTechAnalytical SpaceAstrocastBlink AstroFleet SpaceHelios WireHiber GlobalKepler CommunicationsKineisLacuna NetworkMyriotaNSLCommOQ TechnologySky and Space GlobalSwarm TechnologiesTekeverUbiquitilink

AIS/ADS-B Constellations

Aerial MaritimeAISTechExactEarthKarten SpaceKleos SpaceSpireSRT MarineTekever

Weather Data Constellations

GeoOpticsHarris CorporationKoolockOrbital Micro SystemsOrora Tech (Orbital Oracle Technologies)PlanetiQSpire

RF Spectrum Monitoring & Geolocation Constellations

Kleos SpaceUnseenLabs

Emissions & Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Constellations


QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) Constellations


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