Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1, Taurus Naxing, Jinniuzuo naxing)

Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)
Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)
Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)
Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)
Name Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1, Taurus Naxing, Jinniuzuo naxing)
Type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 10 kg
Status Operational (Radio amateurs on social media and official social media as of 2019-09-12)
Launched 2019-09-12
NORAD ID 44530
Deployer Unknown
Launcher Long March 4B
Organisation Ases Space (Shanghai ASES Spaceflight Technology, AES Space)
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation China
Manufacturer AIVT by Ases Space
Operator Aes Space
Oneliner Amateur radio FM to Codec-2 transponder and solar sail for de-orbiting.
Sources [1] [2] [3] [4]
Keywords Solar sail, De-orbit device
Space photos Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)


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