Name MarCO
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Organisation NASA
Institution Space agency
Entity Government (Civil / Military)
Nation US
Launch brokerer Tyvak
Costs $18,500,000 for two spacecraft and all project costs
Oneliner First interplanetary CubeSat and relay data during Insight landing on Mars.
Results MarCO-A Radio Occultation did not detect the Mars atmosphere or ionosphere during the flyby. An assessment of the MarCO flyby and RO data indicates that the MarCO 2-way data has a stable frequency residual and performance is in the same order of MRO 2-way data. Modeling results suggest that the 2-way MarCO radio signal could have been able to have a positive detection of the atmosphere and ionosphere comparable to MRO. Frequency residual measurements derived from MarCO X-band radio links confirm that the 1-way X-band data could have detected the neutral atmosphere but not the ionosphere.
Sources [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Keywords Reflectarray, Beyond Earth orbit, Propulsion, Steerable Solar Arrays
Space photos MarCOMarCO


Related Spacecraft

Name Status Launch Orbit
MarCO 1 (Mars Cube One, WALL-E, MarCO-A) Was operational until 2018-12-29 (Public news) 2018-05-05 Mars flyby, deep space
MarCO 2 (Mars Cube One, EVE, MarCO-B) Was operational until 2019-01-04 (Public news) 2018-05-05 Mars flyby, deep space

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