Name GOMX-5 (GOMX5)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 12U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher/b> not launched
Organisation GomSpace
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation Denmark
Manufacturer AIVT by GomSpace
Partners ESA (European Space Agency)
Costs Over $2 million in total as of 2020.

Demonstrate new operational concepts s high delta-V orbit raising to higher LEO.


The GOMX-5 platform is further improved for increased power handling, payload volume and reliability over longer mission durations

Demonstrate new operational concepts s high delta-V orbit raising to higher LEO. High speed ISL, high ∆V propulsion. 120 W. >500 m/s (electric). >100000 kbps (X-band). 0.2 deg (3-axis).

The satellite will be equipped with several advanced payloads, which are announced to be:

  • TICRA (DK) for X-Band high gain reflectarray antenna, coupled with an X-band transmitter from GomSpace.
  • ThrustMe (FR) for Electrical Propulsion.
  • EICAS (IT) with miniaturised and improved star tracker.
  • Syrlinks (FR) with advanced GNSS Precise Pointing Positioning receiver.
  • Deimos (PT) and University of Padova (IT) with high accuracy GNSS receiver.
  • Cobham Gaisler (SE), GMV (PL), LIRMM (FR) and UFSC (BR) with powerful radiation tolerant Advanced Payload Processors (APPs) including a GNSS Software receiver.
  • Tartu Observatory (EE) with a lightweight Earth observation imager with a radiometric calibration module.
  • AIKO (IT) bringing state of the art automation AI into the spacecraft.
  • Czech Technical University, Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (CZ) with state-of-the-art radiation monitor.
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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - GomSpace
  • ANTENNA - TICRA Reflectarray
  • THRUSTER - ThrustMe NPT30i
Subsystems sources [1]
Keywords Propulsion, Steerable Solar Arrays

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