ECOSAT-III Satellite

Satellite ECOSAT-III
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status cancelled
Organization University of Victoria
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters Canada

Educational training with multiple payloads and amateur radio communication plus de-orbiting system.


Multi missions platform designed to facilitate a number of goals.

  1. Mission A is to host a scientific payload with a multitude of experiments.
  2. Mission B is a continuing mission to act as an Amateur radio relay in the 2m and 70cm bands.
  3. Mission C is a proof of concept to adjust the attitude of a satellite solely using magnetic fields.
  4. Mission D is a proof of concept to determine the feasibility of a high realiability low cost de-orbiting system.

The Enhanced Communications Satellite (ECoSat-III) will further The University of Victoria’s contribution to research and development of communication systems on nano satellite systems.

ECoSat-III will be flying with multiple missions focused on the areas of amateur radio and amateur satellite communications as well as further development into enhanced Attitude Determination and Control Systems. 

  1. Mission A will continue ECOSats contribution to the amateur radio relay satellites in orbit.
  2. Mission B will provide field data, proof of concept, and experimentation with the use of CDMA to allow nano satellites to share the same frequency spectrum.
  3. Mission C will extend the University of Victoria’s experience in Attitude Determination and Control systems with the addition of momentum wheels and more complex attitude determination algorithms.
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Keywords De-orbit device

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