COEPSAT-2 Satellite

Satellite COEPSAT-2
Form factor Nanosatellite
Units or mass 9 kg
Status not launched, expected in 2025
Launcher not launched
Entity name College of Engineering, Pune
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Country India

Custom nanosatelltie with solar sail to raise orbit and measure charged particles.


Solar sailing low earth orbit nanosatellite COEPSAT-2. It aims to demonstrate orbit raising from 700 km. to 1200 km. by using a solar sail. The scientific objective of this satellite is to measure energy of the charged particles in space. The proposed satellite is of dimensions 0.16 m X 0.16 m X 0.28 m and weighs around 9 kg

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Keywords De-orbit device, Solar sail

Last modified: 2024-05-29

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