Satellite name Zorkiy-2M
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 12U
Status Operational (PA0DLO used doppler measurements to identify the object and clear packets on SatNOGS waterfalls as of 2023-12-20)
Launched 2023-06-27
NORAD ID 57177
Deployer ?
Launcher Sojuz
Organization Sputnix
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Headquarters Russia
Manufacturer AIVT by Sputnix
Operator Sputnix

Multispectral camera with a higher resolution, as well as an increased data transfer rate to Earth.


The Zorky-2M nanosatellite is developed on the basis of the OrbiCraft-Pro platform of the 12U format.

The significant differences of the new spacecraft are the use of a multispectral camera with a higher resolution, as well as an increased data transfer rate to Earth. The CubeSat 12U satellite being created has dimensions with folded solar panels of the order of 20x30 cm and a mass of about 20 kg. The device is planned to be put into a sun-synchronous orbit with a height of 500 - 600 km.

The main payload of the Zorky-2M satellite is a camera that shoots in four spectral ranges with a resolution of 2.75 meters per pixel. In addition, the device is equipped with a receiver for receiving automatic identification system (AIS) signals from ships and transmitting them to ground stations, which serves to monitor and ensure the safety of navigation, including along the Northern Sea Route.

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