Zhou Enlai HA-1 Satellite

Zhou Enlai HA-1
Zhou Enlai HA-1
Zhou Enlai HA-1
Spacecraft Zhou Enlai HA-1 (Huai'an Enlai, ZG2U)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 2U
Status Operational? (Last SatNOGS report with data 2019-05-25 checked on 2019-05-26)
Launched 2018-01-19
NORAD ID 43156
Deployer ISIPOD [ISISpace]
Launcher Long March 11
Organization Teenagers Amateur Radio Center of Activity in Huaian
Institution Non-profit
Entity Academic / Education
Nation China
Manufacturer AIVT by ZeroG Lab

Amateur radio payloads and SSTV transmitter for images.


Equipped with amateur radio repeater and SSTV (Slow Scan Television) component, which is to validate still image transmission in narrowband voice channel. There is an SSTV beacon, which put Date/Time/Location information/temperature etc on a SSTV picture. Amateurs worldwide can also use HA-1 to test SSTV via the cubesat.

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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - ZeroG Lab
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