Spacecraft Yarilo
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 1.5U
Organisation Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Country Russia
Partners Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Federal Space Agency, RSC "Energia"

Continuous monitoring of solar activity and a solar sail for orbit control.


Record solar activity in the x-ray range. Possible to obtain an operational forecast of the state of the interplanetary medium.
The grouping will include two microsatellites, which will be scattered in orbit using the solar sail. Communication with the devices will be maintained from the Mission Control Center of MSTU. LPI provides a payload (X-ray spectrophotometer) because the laboratory cannot afford to buy it.


No more than 20% of radio packets are decrypted on the MCC. The main reason is a drop in the output power of the transmitter during transmitting a radio package. The reason is the degradation of the output microwave switch that the antenna between the power amplifier and the receiving path. Due to degradation, the SWR of the line deteriorated and the signal reflected from the microwave switch leads to self-excitation of the power amplifier, followed by a sharp increase in power consumption and a drawdown of the power supply voltage, which leads to a decrease in the output power of the amplifier. The process is repeated.
The magnetic orientation system is functioning, but the solar orientation is not built. There is not enough data to analyze the causes yet.
The orientation system on the flywheel engines did not turn on.
The operability of both technological cameras was confirmed after ~11 months of flight (Fig. 15). The data is transmitted in full but is damaged when transmitted over the radio channel. The selected format for storing and transferring photos is wrong (JPG). We plan to update the onboard software for data transmission in RAW format

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Keywords Solar sail, Propulsion
Space photos Yarilo


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Spacecraft Status Launcher Launch date Orbit
Yarilo N1 (Yarilo-1, Yareelo, Yareelo-1 Yarilo A, Yarilo No. 1, Yareelo №1, BMSTU-Sail) Operational (IAC manuscript on 2021-10-29) Sojuz 2020-09-28 560 km, 97.7 deg
Yarilo N2 (Yarilo-2, Yareelo, Yareelo-2, Yarilo B, Yarilo No. 2, Yareelo №2, BMSTU-Sail) Operational (IAC manuscript on 2021-10-29) Sojuz 2020-09-28 560 km, 97.7 deg

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