Xiaoxiang-1 08 Satellite

Xiaoxiang-1 08
Xiaoxiang-1 08
Spacecraft name Xiaoxiang 1-08 (Dianfeng, TY 1-08, XX-1 08, XX1-08, Tianyi-15, TY-15)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status Reentry 2023-04-25. Was operational?
Launched 2019-11-03
NORAD ID 44706
Deployer Unknown
Launcher Kuaizhou-1A
Organization Spacety
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Nation China
Manufacturer AIVT by Spacety
Partners ThrustMe, LaserFleet, Intane Optics

Main payloads are multi-spectral camera, propulsion unit from ThrustMe and laser communication modules.


Carrying 1st solid-iodine propulsion unit from ThrustMe. Has camera, based on the 108-megapixel Xiaomi M10 Pro quad camera.

The main payload is a 7-spectrum, multi-spectral instrument with a ground resolution of 20 meters and a width of 50 km. It will be mainly used to carry out micro-spectral remote sensing technology test and lay the foundation for the commercial census remote sensing constellation of subsequent commercial customers.

The new satellite is also part of the medium-resolution optical constellation jointly planned by Tianyi and its partners. The medium-resolution constellation is composed of 480 high-angle LEO orbit medium-resolution wide-width satellites at an altitude of 550 km. A total of 12 orbital planes, each with 40 satellites, will form the constellation. The successful launch of the Jifeng satellite will provide verification and support for advanced technology in this medium-resolution optical constellation.

To explore new technologies using laser communication satellite and inter-satellite data transmission, the satellite is equipped with two laser communication modules to verify the laser digital transmission technology. The two laser communication modules are laser communication modules independently developed by Nanjing Yingtian Optical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Intane Optics), and laser communication modules jointly developed by Tianyi and Shenzhen Hangxing Optical Space Technology Co., Ltd. (LaserFleet). The two laser communication modules are backed up with each other, and Tianyi hopes to accelerate the application and promotion of space laser communication technology, and fundamentally alleviate the problem of frequency crowding.

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COTS subsystems
  • THRUSTER - ThrustMe I2T5 Solid-Iodine Cold-gas
Subsystems sources [1]
Keywords Propulsion, Laser transmitter
Space photos Xiaoxiang-1 08


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