Wisa Woodsat

Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Wisa Woodsat
Name Wisa Woodsat
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status not launched, expected in 2023
Organisation Arctic Astronautics
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation Finland

WISA Woodsat is a Kitsat with a plywood surfaces and substructure with upgraded systems for spaceflight.


Radio amateur mission:

  • Transmitting images from the two cameras on board with varied bitrates to serve various levels of radio amateur ground stations. One of the cameras will look at the satellite itself, while the other one looks at the Earth.
  • Receiving LoRa packets transmitted by radio amateurs to the satellite, downlinking them to the operations ground stations, and broadcasting on the internet.

Science mission:

  • Testing out a novel passive attitude control system.
  • Studying wood properties on LEO with the images and supporting sensors.
  • Testing a novel conformal coating to protect from atomic oxygen.

Educational mission:

  • Providing openly available educational material to schools and the community The goal of our mission is to broaden the radio amateur community by giving access to satellite communication to those with minimal equipment. This is done by providing transmission of the scientific data at variable bitrates, as well as facilitating LoRa message broadcasting. Operation instructions will be made publicly available. With this, we aim to give access to satellite communication to those who did not have it previously, such as schools, and developing countries, and people living in rural areas.
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