Waypoint 1 Satellite

Waypoint 1
Spacecraft Waypoint 1
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 12U
Status cancelled
Organisation Spacefab.US
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Country US

21 centimeter mirror with extended optics and hyperspectral camera for Earth observation and astronomy.


21 centimeter mirror with extended optics. Image intensified ultraviolet and visible camera, and a 48 megapixel camera for visible and near-infrared imaging for astronomical and Earth observation purposes, available for use by customers around the world.

Also provide 150 band hyper-spectral camera for Earth observation at 3 meter resolution for use in scientific and commercial applications. Extending optics.

The telescope is launched with a standard 12U cubesat form factor, then the secondary optics assembly is extended when in orbit. This doubles the telescope focal length. ​The combination of long focal length along with advanced hardware accelerated on-board computing will allow the Waypoint telescope to provide 1 meter GSD in super-resolution Earth observation mode. Communications consists of a combination of RF command / control and high speed laser data downlink.

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Keywords Deployable telescope, Laser transmitter

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