VESTA Satellite

Spacecraft name VESTA
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Operational? (Press release from 2018-12-04 but no SatNOGS reports with data last checked 2023-06-10)
Launched 2018-12-03
NORAD ID 43781
Deployer QuadPack (XL) [ISISpace],?
Launcher Falcon 9 (Spaceflight SSO-A, SHERPA)
Entity name Honeywell
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation (HQ) US
Nation (AIT) UK
Manufacturer AIVT by SSTL
Launch brokerer Spaceflight
Partners Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL), UK Space Agency

Test new two-way VHF payload for the exactEarth maritime satellite constellation.


Test a new two-way VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) payload for the exactEarth advanced maritime satellite constellation. VESTA platform will have 3-axis pointing capability, an SEU tolerant on-board computer, VxWorks operating system and an S-Band transmitter and receiver.

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