Venta-1 Satellite

Satellite name Venta-1
Form factor Nanosatellite
Units or mass 7.5 kg
Status Reentry 2024-01-09. Was semi-operational until 2019-02-XX? Was operational until 2017-06-25, 2 days. (Public news and one DK3WN report 2017-06-24)
Launched 2017-06-23
NORAD ID 42791
Deployer Base mounted
Launcher PSLV
Organisation University of Applied Sciences Bremen
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation (HQ) Latvia
Nation (AIT) Germany
Manufacturer AIVT by OHB
Operator Unknown
Partners Ventspils High Technology Park, Ventspils University College, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, OHB System

Educational training and AIS receiver.


Provide a flying testbed as a counterpart of the new satellite technology laboratory at the Ventspils University College. Advanced technology AIS (maritime Automatic Identification System) receivers in order to get AIS data from space and to study the AIS signal reception in LEO.

Intersatellite link experimental systems for the two way, near real time, permanent communication via Orbcomm and Iridium LEO based satellite systems. Plug-and-Play electronics unit with new data handling systems, sensors and beacon to a geostationary satellite system. Small onboard camera with advanced optics for low resolution earth monitoring.

Failure cause Rotation issues have thought to be caused battery charging issues resulting in negative power budget.
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Keywords Globalstar or Iridium or Inmarsat, AIS
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