URESAT-1 (Hades-B, SO-120 Spain Oscar 120)

Spacecraft name URESAT-1 (Hades-B, SO-120 Spain Oscar 120)
Type PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1.5p
Status Semi-operational (Received with large ground stations and attempting to deploy satellite antennas as per website, last checked 2023-12-22)
Launched 2023-06-12
NORAD ID 56992
Deployer Albapod [Alba Orbital]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-8) (D-Orbit ION) (Alba Cluster)
Deployment Deployed from D-Orbit ION on 2023-06-21
Entity name URE (Spanish Amateur Radio Union)
Institution Non-profit
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation Spain

FM repeater and improved from the GENESIS missions.


Details of the evolutions planned for the URESAT satellite are based on the experience of the previous GENESIS missions. Although the final functionalities must be approved by the URE itself, it is expected that said satellite will incorporate an FM voice repeater, FSK transmissions and some type of on-board experiment, which could be a camera with SSDV transmissions or some type of propellant.

URESAT (HADES-B ITU designation) is a 1.5 P Pocketqube mission which will offer licensed radio-amateur around the world the opportunity to relay FM voice and AX.25 / APRS 300/1200 bps communications. This will be achieved by implementing a SDR based FM and FSK repeater.

Failure cause Antennas likely failed to deploy.
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