UMKA-1 Satellite

Satellite name UmKa-1 (UMKA-1, RS40S, UKMA-1, Space-PI, Space π)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Operational (Detailed report from 2023-09-22)
Launched 2023-06-27
NORAD ID 57172
Deployer 12U Deployer [Aerospace Capital]
Launcher Sojuz
Organization MOU secondary school No. 29 named after P. I. Zabrodin
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters Russia
Partners Sputnix, FASIE

Equipped with the electro-optical system for educational astronomical purposes.


Satellite telescope UMKA-1 is a CubeSat supporting 3U application equipped with the electro-optical system for educational astronomical purposes.

The main educational mission of this project is to provide satellite astronomical survey and observation of astronomical objects, constellations, star clusters, astronomical bodies, etc. in order to promote such scientific disciplines as astronomy and cosmology among young people.

Moreover, this project will make it possible for secondary school students, university students and radio amateurs to get telemetering measurements and sky images from the Earth’s orbit. Additional goals of this project include making images of different orbital objects (e.g., images of orbital debris for its identification and its state assessment).

As a result, secondary school ground receiving station operators, university ground receiving station operators and radio amateurs all over the world will be able to receive images of astronomical objects made by our satellite telescope from the Earth’s orbit using SDR receiver and our software.

All project participants who will receive images of astronomical objects made by our satellite telescope UMKA and email us these images will be awarded a certificate. We also plan to send our own QSL cards to radio amateurs for receiving and decoding the telemetry data. The decoder and the information about the packet format will be freely accessible on our website. During this project satellite transmission schedule will be regularly updated on our website in order to inform radio amateurs about image transmissions.

The UmKA-1 satellite was created by the team of the Center for Scientific Creativity 29 of the Podolsk School. The device is assembled on the basis of the OrbiCraft-Pro platform.

The payload elements are the high-aperture Leptonar-20955K telescope and the PlayerOne Saturn-C SQR astronomical digital camera. Before placing them in the satellite body, the project participants took pictures of the Cygnus constellation, as well as the Andromeda nebula from Earth.

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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - Sputnix
Space photos UMKA-1 UMKA-1

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