Tyvak-0173 (SIRION-3, EG 3, EG-3, EchoStar Global 3)

Tyvak-0173? (SIRION-3?)
Tyvak-0173? (SIRION-3?)
Name Tyvak-0173 (SIRION-3, EG 3, EG-3, EchoStar Global 3)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 16U
Status Operational (News on 2021-12-06 about propulsion)
Launched 2021-06-30
NORAD ID 48892
Deployer Unknown
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-2)
Organisation EchoStar
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation US
Manufacturer AIVT by Tyvak
Oneliner Two tiny S-band satellites to jumpstart a low-Earth-orbit constellation using spectrum gained through its acquisition of Helios Wire. 
Results [Performed 110 km in altitude orbit raise from TLEs as reported by Jonathan McDowell.](https://twitter.com/planet4589/status/1417672513451175937?s=20) [The orbit raising required about 65 meters per second.](https://spacenews.com/stellar-exploration-propels-echostar-nanosatellite/) [Jonathan McDowell reported on 2021-12-03 that new TLE out today for Echostar EG-3 (48892) shows it in a 650 x 677 km x 96.0 deg orbit - first TLE in a month, Nov 3 it was in a 644 x 666 x 97.5 deg orbit, corresponding to a 1.5 deg inclination change. It is about 200 m/s.](https://twitter.com/planet4589/status/1466568960032358400)
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