TRSI Satellite (PQ Sat, TRSI, TRSI-Sat)

Spacecraft name TRSI Satellite (PQ Sat, TRSI, TRSI-Sat)
Form factor PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1p
Mass in kg 0.271 kg
Status Reentry 2020-10-09. No signal? (Some conflicting reports on Twitter, but likely not heard and no data on SatNOGS as of 2020-04-10)
Launched 2019-12-06
NORAD ID 44830
Deployer Albapod [Alba Orbital]
Launcher Electron (Alba Cluster 2)
Organization ACME AtronOmatic (MyRadar)
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation Germany
Launch brokerer Alba Orbital
Partners TRSI

Radio waterfall experiment and analyze RF reception capabilities from LEO.


First is a waterfall experiment which will show an image in the waterfall diagram by hopping the frequency within its transmission band (image-type beacon). We will try correlation algorithms on this signal to find out if we can detect it under weak signal conditions. The second experiment is to analyze RF reception capabilities from LEO with a novel detector receiver and a small patch antenna. It was designed to test if small satellite receivers which don´t need deployable antennas are feasible.

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