TROLL Satellite

Spacecraft name TROLL
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher not launched
Entity name TRL Space
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Headquarters Czech
Manufacturer AIVT by TRL Space
Operator TRL Space

Demonstrate new technologies, to build up experience and heritage in our territory and to be the biggest Czech satellite.


TROLL is the name of the Czech demonstration nanosatellite mission performed in commercial, new space approach, but still required to follow the ECSS. Mission’s purpose is to demonstrate new technologies, to build up experience and heritage in our territory and to be the biggest Czech satellite. An additional important condition of the whole activity is to use resources exclusively and only from the Czech Republic and countries from Three Seas Region - maximum 20% of the budget can be assigned outside of this territory.

TROLL is planned to be launched within the mid 2024. After the successful in orbit demonstration TROLL will provide an opportunity(ies) for further demonstrations (for example in SW field) of third parties, academic institutions, students or startups.

The satellite will also include a specially modified LiDAR device, which TRL Space is developing together with the HiLASE Centre. The HiLASE Centre has as one of its strategic priorities for the next decade the development of lasers for space applications. In this context, TRL Space is a key partner with whom we can pursue these ambitions together and develop products such as LiDAR for tracking objects in space or lunar topography.

"LiDAR systems utilizing reflected photons from emitted laser pulses have a variety of uses. With the growing number of objects in space, our Flash LiDAR will provide satellites with their own precise near-object detection for collision avoidance. Similarly, a Doppler LiDAR system for detecting, tracking and characterizing close and distant objects can be used as a sensor for Space Traffic Management networks. Another application of our LiDAR systems is topography mapping with submeter resolution for planetary missions as well as Earth’s surface mapping from the Stratosyst stratospheric platform".

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