Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status not launched, expected in 2022
Organisation University
Organisation University of Maribor
Nation Slovenia
Manufacturer AIVT by SkyLabs
Oneliner Investigate and map ionizing radiation in MEO orbits using several different instruments for scientific purposes and to demonstrate and test AI algorithms using high performance COTS components and error mitigation techniques in higher radiation environment. The project is supported and coordinated with ESA and the Slovenian Ministry of Economy. From educational outreach TRISAT-R satellite mission will promote the use of software defined radio, where a number of outreach activities are being planned that will involve schools, radio amateur societies and media during the first mission of a nanosatellite reaching the MEO orbits. During normal operating conditions the spacecraft will constantly gather measurements of ionizing radiation from the on-board instruments and store them in on- board memory including their mapping information based on information from GNSS receiver.
Keywords GTO or GEO orbit,

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