Tianqi Satellites

Spacecraft name Tianqi
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Organization Guodian Gaoke
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation China
Manufacturer AIVT by Guodian Gaoke
Launch brokerer Expace
Partners Tao Zhixing Education Foundation

Demonstration mission for IoT constellation to launch 38 by end of 2020.


Its main business is satellite IoT constellation operation. "Apocalypse Constellation" provides users with much-needed data collection and transmission services for terrestrial network coverage blind areas, which are widely used in marine, environmental protection, meteorological, forestry, geological, emergency, rescue and smart city industries to enhance China's global data network coverage and Application capabilities are of strategic importance. It is also the second launch of Guodian Hi-Tech after successfully launching the test star last year.

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Related Spacecraft

Name Status Rocket Launch Orbit
Tianqi-1 (Tiange 1, Tianqi yi hao, Apocalypse 1) Operational? (No public news found) Long March 2018-10-29 515 km, 97.5 deg
Tianqi-3 (Tiange 3, Tianqi yi hao, Wenchang IOT-1, Apocalypse 3, Tao Xingzhi) Operational? Long March 11 2019-06-05 565 km, 45 deg
Tianqi 2 (Apocalypse 2, Tianqi Zhangzhou hao) Operational? (No public news found as of 2019-12-17) Jielong-1 2019-08-17 540 km, 97.6 deg
Tianqi-4A (Tiange 4, Tianqi yi hao, Wenchang IOT-1, Apocalypse 4) Operational? (No news found as of 2019-12-27) Kuaizhou-1A 2019-12-07 500 km, 97.5 deg
Tianqi-4B (Tiange 4, Tianqi yi hao, Wenchang IOT-1, Apocalypse 5) Reentry 2022-12-31. Was operational? (No news found as of 2019-12-27) Kuaizhou-1A 2019-12-07 500 km, 97.5 deg

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