Tianjin University-1 (Tianjin University No.1, Tianjin Daxue 1)

Satellite Tianjin University-1 (Tianjin University No.1, Tianjin Daxue 1)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 12U
Status Operational? (It is still in orbit compared to the others and must have a propulsion)
Launched 2021-12-07
NORAD ID 49812
Deployer ?
Launcher Ceres-1
Organisation Changguang Satellite Technology
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Country China
Operator In-house?

Infrared remote sensing satellite.


Infrared remote sensing satellite.

Tianjin Daxue 1 is a new meteorological observation small satellite jointly developed by Tianjin Yunyao Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. and Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. The satellite is based on the development basis of the "Jilin-1" series of satellites and is designed with reference to the CubeSat design concept. It has the characteristics of short development cycle, high integration, light weight, small size, and high cost performance.

As the first operational satellite of this model, in addition to completing the specified on-orbit operations, the satellite also conducts on-orbit verification of the rationality and reliability of the satellite platform and payload design, laying a technical foundation for the mass production of subsequent operational satellites. 

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Keywords Propulsion

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