Spacecraft Thybolt
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 0.5U
Organisation Dhruva Space
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Country India

Novel Store-and-Forward payload receiving messages from sensor nodes or remote Ground Stations.


The Thybolt Mission uses Dhruva Space's P-DoT Satellite Platform for conducting a sequence of technology demonstrations, as well as to enable advancements in research, constellation development and application agnostics use by customers.

The Thybolt-1 and Thybolt-2 satellites are made on the Dhruva Space-developed P-DoT system. This is a 0.5U Spacecraft bus that includes a communication payload to enable rapid technology demonstration and constellation development for multiple users. It also demonstrates Store-and-Forward functionality for authorised users in the amateur frequency band.

This compact, scalable platform leverages a powerful processor and Space-grade components that enables high agility as well as reliable and robust operations.

The payload used on the satellite is a novel Store-and-Forward payload receiving messages from sensor nodes or remote Ground Stations; it also stores the aforementioned messages on-boardflash memory for downlinking them at a network connected ground station.

The mission shall demonstrate store-and-forward (S&F) operations and perform scheduled and unscheduled uplink of S&F data from amateur operators, store the data onboard and transmit the same data to distributed amateur radio compatible ground station/s in India and publish wherever required as per the Experiment Outline for Amateurs.he upcoming Indian Space Policy has been envisioned to allow launch of private satellites. In India, the amateur community has a dearth of reliable satellite platforms to build, launch and perform experiments.

The 0.5U P-DoT Satellite Platform is envisioned to enable rapid development for experimentation by the amateur community. This mission provides a message store-and-forward capability to the users. Amateur operators can utilize this facility to evaluate their uplink equipment by sending S&F messages to the satellite and validate a successful downlink of sent messages from the website displaying all the S&F messages upon a ground station pass. Satellite Telemetry and Beacon data with decoding schematic and links shall be available for all licensed amateur operators.

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Spacecraft Status Rocket Launch Orbit
Thybolt-1 Operational (Last SatNOGS reports with data from 2022-12-14 as of 2022-12-17) PSLV, (C54) 2022-11-26 505 km, 97.5 deg
Thybolt-2 Operational (Last SatNOGS reports with data from 2022-12-09 as of 2022-12-17) PSLV, (C54) 2022-11-26 505 km, 97.5 deg

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