StratoSat-TK1 Satellite

Satellite name StratoSat TK1 (RS52S, StratoSat-TK-1, Space-PI, Space π, StratoSat-TK1 )
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Mass in kg 4.205 kg
Status Operational (News from 2023-08-23)
Launched 2023-06-27
NORAD ID 57167
Deployer 12U Deployer [Aerospace Capital]
Launcher Sojuz
Organization Stratonautica
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Nation Russia
Operator In-house?

Will deploy 6 PocketQube-type picosatellites called TinySat and has 3 cameras.


StratoSat TK-1 spacecraft by Stratonautica is a nano-satellite of CubeSat 3U format designed for launching school educational TinySat picosatellites, flight tests of the method of delivery to orbit of the new TinySat picosatellite format, testing of the Ether amateur radio network being deployed Satellite StratoSat TK-1 as the payload has six satellite platforms pico-class format TinySat, designed for educational activities under the project Space-n program Planet Watch Foundation to promote innovation.

The platforms are equipped with independent power supply systems, VHF radio transceivers, computing modules, and cameras. In addition, the satellite payload includes 3 photo-video cameras mounted in the central compartment of the spacecraft, different viewing angle and imaging mode.

During the space experiment 6 pico-satellites will be separated from the parent nano-satellite CubeSat. Pico-satellites are presented in two sizes TinySat 1TU format in the form of a cube with a 5-cm face - 4 pcs, and 2TU - parallelepiped with sides 5×5×10 cm - 2 pcs. Separation from the parent nano-satellite will be carried out after checking the performance of all on-board systems of the satellite and under control from ground-based control and monitoring facilities.

The StratoSat TK-1 satellite will transmit telemetry and images from the camera on UHF and X-band amateur radio frequencies All participants who receive images taken and transmitted by our satellite to earth via a radio link, and send us these images by e-mail, will be awarded a certificate. We also plan to send our own QSL cards to radio amateurs for receiving and decoding telemetry data. Decoder and package format information, satellite transmission schedule will be updated regularly on our website to inform radio amateurs about image transmissions.

The StratoSat TK-1 spacecraft ( StratoSat TK-1 ) is a satellite of the Stratonavtika company , created on the basis of a shortened Geoscan 3U satellite platform. One of the three units is a transport container for the delivery of 6 pico-class TinySat spacecraft into low Earth orbit (“StratoSat TK-1-A”, “StratoSat TK-1-B”, “StratoSat TK-1-V”, “ StratoSat TK-1-G", "StratoSat TK-1-D", "StratoSat TK-1-E"). They are intended for educational programs. Each picosat operates on an independent power supply system and has radio transmitters and cameras on board. The process of the exit of the satellites from the transport container will be filmed using high-resolution photo and video cameras that are installed on the middle unit. 

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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - Geoscan
  • IMAGER - Geoscan
Subsystems sources [1]
Space photos StratoSat-TK1StratoSat-TK1StratoSat-TK1StratoSat-TK1

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