STEP Cube Lab-II Satellite

STEP Cube Lab-II
STEP Cube Lab-II
STEP Cube Lab-II
STEP Cube Lab-II
STEP Cube Lab-II
STEP Cube Lab-II
STEP Cube Lab-II
Spacecraft name STEP Cube Lab-II (STEP Cube Lab 2)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status Was operational? (Radio amateur reports from 2022-06-30 and early July but recent month SatNOGS reports with data are inconclusive as of 2022-12-21)
Launched 2022-06-21
NORAD ID 52897
Deployer Custom,?
Launcher Nuri (PVSAT)
Deployment Deployed from PVSAT on 2022-06-29
Entity name Chosun University
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation South Korea

Earth observation misison with multi-band imager.


Mission is to perform the country's first electronics,infrared/long-infrared/long-infrared multiband earth observation mission for a variety of observations.

To perform this mission, our development team will be equipped with electronic light cameras (Viewworks Co., Ltd.), middle infrared cameras (overseas development, soltop integration), long-infrared cameras (Hanhwa System Co., Ltd.) and payload image processing and transmission systems (Edeltech Co., Ltd.) as the main vehicles.

In addition, as a part of the mission, high-damping laminated solar panels (Shipbuilding & Co., Ltd. soltops), pogopin-based restraints (ChosunDae & Co., Ltd.) and solar panel drive devices (Camtic Technology Institute & Co., Ltd. soltop) will be equipped with as part-mounted driving materials.

STEP Cube Lab-II will begin full-time development in March 2020, complete the development of the Flight Model (FM) in mid-2021, and be mounted together on the KSLV-II Performance Inspection Satellite in January 2022, where it will reach an altitude of 700 km of solar orbit, and will perform a one-year earth and technical inspection mission after launch.

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