SRMSat Satellite

Satellite SRMSat (Sri Ramaswamy Memorial)
Type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 10 kg
Status Semi-operational? (Last SatNOGS report with data 2023-04-26 checked on 2023-06-06, but nothing meaningful)
Launched 2011-10-12
NORAD ID 37841
Deployer Base mounted
Launcher PSLV
Entity name SRM University
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Country India
Partners ISRO

Monitor greenhouse gases with grating spectrometer.


The science objective of the mission is to monitor greenhouse gases (GHG), mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Monitor GHG - mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) - in the atmosphere in the near infrared region (900 nm to 1700 nm). A grating spectrometer is employed for monitoring earth-based sources and sinks of anthropogenic and natural sources of GHG.

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