Satellite Snuglite-II (Snuglite 2)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Was operational until 2022-07-11, 8 days? (News on official website 2022-07-22 but unclear SatNOGS reports with limited data seem to be continuing as of 2022-12-20)
Launched 2022-06-21
NORAD ID 52899
Deployer Custom,?
Launcher Nuri (PVSAT)
Deployment Deployed from PVSAT on 2022-07-03
Organization Seoul National University
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Country South Korea

Educational amateur radio mission with GPS receiver demonstration.


Will be a space station for

  1. Amateur radio communication training. Testing radio communication in the amateur VHF/UHF band, S-band, including beacons using the UHF band.
  2. Technology demonstration of in-house developed dual frequency GPS receiver.
  3. Technology demonstration of observing GPS-RO for atmospheric instrumentation using dual frequency GPS receiver. 
Failure cause Problem with antenna and communication module data transmission and reception due to an error in the electrical part of the satellite continuously from the initial ejection
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