Name SKCube-2
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status cancelled
Organisation Slovak Organisation for Space Activities
Institution Non-profit
Entity Government (Civil / Military)
Headquarters Slovakia
Partners Institute of Experimental Physics

Precursor or a demo mission for a fleet of at least nine 3U CubeSats, which shall be equipped with CsI gamma-ray detectors.


GRB detector payload. SDR transceiver, new sun sensors, precise attitude control. Precursor or a demo mission for a fleet (Project Camelot) of at least nine 3U cubesats which shall be equipped with CsI (Tl scintillator based soft gamma-ray detectors read out by multi-pixel photon counters (silicon photomultipliers).

Main goals of project: In-flight test Tl scintillator for future gamma-ray burst (GRB) monitoring missions; In-flight test of precise timing system for GRB detector experiment; In-flight test of new S/X communication system; In-flight test of new Star Tracker; In-flight test of new advanced, precise and smart sun sensor; In-flight of deployable system (solar panels); In-flight of new software onboard communication protocol.

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