Samwise Satellite

Satellite Samwise
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 2U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher Falcon 9
Organisation Stanford University
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters US
Partners Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI)

Demonstrate platform technologies and amateur radio payload.


2U technology demonstration mission aimed to prove several key technologies necessary for SSI's satellites to host scientific payloads in the future.

These include a magnetorquer-based ADCS, high quality cameras, S-band telecommunication, and novel deployable structures. The primary objective of the mission is to capture and downlink images using an earth-facing camera which can be pointed to observe specific targets and a boom-mounted selfie camera.

The SAMWISE is an amateur mission. This project is entirely undergraduate student initiated and developed. Additionally, most of the students involved either have HAM radio licenses or are studying for HAM radio licenses. Amateur radio enthusiasts around the world will be able to participate by sending commands to the satellite and receiving images in response, and by making range measurements with the satellite and performing their own orbit determination of the satellite.

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Keywords Open-source

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