Name RoseyCubesat-1
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status not launched, expected in 2023
Organisation Orbital Solutions Monaco
Institution Company
Entity Academic / Education
Nation Monaco
Manufacturer AIVT by Orbital Solutions Monaco
Operator Orbital Solutions Monaco

Educational mission with a camera and amateur radio activities.


Assembled in OSM's laboratory, it is made from a 1-U platform from ISIS Space. It carries a dual-camera payload from MVP and will transmit telemetry and pictures to the 13-18 years-old students who participated in the program.
It is a 1U CubeSat platform from ISISPACE with a very simple mission for students didactic purposes: taking simple pictures, providing telemetry and teaching radio amateur activities.
It is part of an educational program for high school students. Being an educational project, students can learn how to use an amateur radio antenna provided by the radio amateur club to download telemetry data, photos from the satellite and send commands to the satellite. Moreover, radio amateur operators can participate in the mission because the satellite can operate as a transponder for radio amateurs, using the TRXVU built-in transponder mode.

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