Name ROM-2 (ROM2, HADES-C, Romanian Orbital Mission, Space Sparrow)
Type PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1p
Status not launched, expected in 2023
Organisation RomSpace (International Computing High School of Bucharest)
Institution School
Entity Academic / Education
Nation Romania
Partners ORION Space, AMSAT-EA

Amateur radio mission with 2MP camera, SSDV image transmission and repeater.

  1. ROM-2 satellite has the following three missions and objectives. PRIMARY MISSION is a DIGITAL REPEATER. ROM-2 will act as a digital amateur radio repeater. Amateur operators will be able to upload a message to the satellite and it will transmit it to the ground once.
  2. SECONDARY MISSION is SSDV Image Transmission. ROM-2 will transmit a low-resolution SSDV image in GFSK Mode.
  3. TERTIARY MISSION is CW BEACON Transmission. The satellite will send a Morse Code identification. This will help amateur radio operators to 1) detect the presence of the satellite and 2) measure basic properties of the signals: strength, fading (spin), doppler (speed), etc.
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