Spacecraft name RAFT1
Spacecraft type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 4 kg
Status Reentry 2007-05-30. Was operational.
Launched 2006-10-12
NORAD ID 29661
Deployer SSPL (Space Shuttle Picosatellite Laincher, PLA, Picosatellite Launcher Assembly)
Launcher Space Shuttle
Deployment Deployed from Space Shuttle on 2006-12-21
Organisation US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters US

Calibrating of and tracking by Navy Space Surveillance (NSSS) radar fence.


Provide a Cubesat in a cluster which has an on-board transponder capable of identifying itself via the NSS satellite Radar Tracking system to help locate the Cubesats.

Secondly, RAFT will have a separate 217 MHz NSSS radar transmitter and receiver, which can help with calibration tests of the separate NSSS transmit and receive antenna beams.

Part of RAFT mission. The satellites will be the first of their size with the ability to be tracked by the Navy Space Surveillance (NSSS) radar fence. The satellites will also function as amateur radio transponders.

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