PSSC-2 (Pico Satellite Solar Cell Testbed-2, PSSC Testbed-2, PSSCT-2, PSSC2)

Name PSSC-2 (Pico Satellite Solar Cell Testbed-2, PSSC Testbed-2, PSSCT-2, PSSC2)
Form factor Nanosatellite
Units or mass 3.7 kg
Status Reentry 2011-12-08. Was operational.
Launched 2011-07-20
NORAD ID 37752
Deployer SSPL (Space Shuttle Picosatellite Laincher, PLA, Picosatellite Launcher Assembly)
Launcher Space Shuttle
Deployment Deployed from Space Shuttle on 2011-07-20
Entity name Aerospace Corporation
Institution Military
Entity type Government (Civil / Military)
Nation US
Partners U.S. Space and Missile Systems Center's Development Planning Directorate

Risk reduction for SENSE and CTECS sensors and characterizing solar cells.


Low cost risk reduction for the upcoming SENSE and Compact Total Electron Content Sensor (CTECS) that characterizes the ionosphere by measurement of the occultation of GPS signals - a precursor of an instrument with the same function on SENSE.

PSSC2 also carries over the task from PSSC1 of characterizing the performance of advanced solar cells from Spectrolab and Emcore. Finally, PSSC2 again hosts an upgraded Miniature Tracking Vehicle payload, similar to that flown on PSSC1 that will serve as an orbiting reference for ground tracking systems.

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