Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl) Satellite

Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl)
Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl)
Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl)
Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl)
Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl)
Prometheus-2 1 (Dstl)
Spacecraft Prometheus-2 1 (Prometheus 2A, Dstl)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status Launch failure
Launched 2023-01-09
NORAD ID Launch failure
Deployer ?
Launcher LauncherOne (UK)
Organisation Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Institution Military
Entity type Government (Civil / Military)
Headquarters UK
Manufacturer AIVT by In-Space Missions
Operator In-house?
Partners Airbus, U.S. National Reconnaissance Office

Test platform for monitoring radio signals including GPS and sophisticated imaging.


Includes a hyperspectral imager, a laser detector and a GPS receiver. The hyperspectral imager will capture multiple slivers of pictures over different wavelengths of light for higher definition images. The GPS receiver confirms the precise time and position of the satellite over the area of the Earth to be photographed.

The first HyperScout M will be delivered to Airbus UK as part of the Prometheus 2 mission, partly funded and managed by the United Kingdom’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory [Dstl].

HyperScout M, a new model of the HyperScout series, has been assembled and tested in order to verify the instrument against the environmental conditions that the satellite will face during launch and in-orbit operations. The test was successful. The flight model will be integrated into the spacecraft at the integrator’s premises in the next weeks.

Sources [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
Photo sources [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
COTS subsystems
  • IMAGER - cosine HyperScout M
Subsystems sources [1]
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