PRISM (Picosatellite for Remote¿sensing and Innovative Space Missions)

Satellite name PRISM (Picosatellite for Remote¿sensing and Innovative Space Missions)
Spacecraft type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 8.5 kg
Status Operational (CW beacon still received, last SatNOGS report from 2023-06-05 last checked on 2023-06-06)
Launched 2009-01-23
NORAD ID 33493
Deployer Custom
Launcher H-IIA (H2A)
Entity name University of Tokyo
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters Japan

Deployable telescope demonstration and COTS components.


Demonstration of Imaging Technology by using "Extensible Boom" as a Telescope. Demonstration of COTS-oriented Components for Nano-satellites. Advanced Amateur Radio Service. "Refraction-type" telescope, focuses light with a lens. The advantage of this approach is that the optical system can be rather resistant to structure alteration. In order to utilize this point, we designed and developed a flexible and extensible boom as a telescope. Could accomplish the 30m ground resolution.

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Keywords Deployable telescope

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