Pony Express 2 Satellites

Pony Express 2
Pony Express 2
Pony Express 2
Pony Express 2
Spacecraft name Pony Express 2
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 12U
Entity name Lockheed Martin
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation US

Prove out RF-enabled swarming formations and space-to-space networking.


The company said an upcoming mission, Pony Express 2, will continue that work “as well as validating Lockheed Martin’s SmartSat software-defined satellite architecture.

Future research missions this year, like Pony Express 2, will further advance cloud networking concepts among satellites, as well as validating Lockheed Martin's SmartSat™ software-defined satellite architecture which enables streamlined hosting of flexible mission apps. This mission consists of two 12U cubesats with faster, more capable ultra-scale processors that unlock in-orbit data analytics and artificial intelligence. Equipped with miniaturized cross-link and precision timing, Pony Express 2 is a trailblazer for autonomous teaming in space and true cloud networking. 

New generation of space technology launching this year that will allow satellites to change their missions in orbit. Technology demonstration mission, validating SmartSat capabilities and 3D-printed components. SmartSat-enabled satellites can reset themselves faster, diagnose issues with greater precision and back each other up when needed, significantly enhancing resiliency. Satellites can also better detect and defend against cyber threats autonomously, and on-board cyber defenses can be updated regularly to address new threats.

SmartSat uses a hypervisor to securely containerize virtual machines. It's a technology that lets a single computer operate multiple servers virtually to maximize memory, on-board processing and network bandwidth. It takes advantage of multi-core processing, something new to space. That lets satellites process more data in orbit so they can beam down just the most critical and relevant information—saving bandwidth costs and reducing the burden on ground station analysts, and ultimately opening the door for tomorrow's data centers in space.

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Keywords Software-defined satellite, Propulsion

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Last modified: 2023-11-10

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