Pleiades Yearling 2.0
Pleiades Yearling 2.0
Name Pleiades Yearling 2.0 (Pleiades - Squared, PROVES Yearling 2, Pleiades Yearling)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Was operational until ? (Acquisition of signal but suffered mission failure shortly after commissioning as per SmallSat 2023 presentation)
Launched 2023-04-15
Deployer EXOpod 12U/16U [Exolaunch]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-7)
Organisation Cal Poly Pomona (Bronco Space)
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Headquarters US
Partners Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI), Bronco Space

Fly CubeSat bus and expand on the Pleiades cluster.


Pleiades - Squared has two primary missions.

  1. The first is to fly a 1U CubeSat built entirely by students at Cal Poly Pomona.  The 1U CubeSat shall be based on the PROVES (Pleaides Rapid Orbital Verification Experimental System) open-source CubeSat architecture being developed for educational use. Pleiades - Squared will also contain additional scientific experiments built by students in laboratories at Cal Poly Pomona. Particularly, this satellite shall carry a low-cost gamma ray detector as part of a particle physics citizen science project known as the Cosmic Watch. Students participating in the Pleiades - Squared mission shall gain valuable experience with the integration, launch, and operation of a spacecraft as a part of their academic experiences. Students, citizen scientists, and radio amateurs who interact with the satellite will also be able to receive and analyze in-space radiation data from the Cosmic Watch experiment.
  2. The second is an expansion of the Pleiades CubeSat Cluster Initiative, which exists to develop and demonstrate distributed spacecraft technology. Pleiades - Squared intends join the existing Pleiades Yearling and Sapling Sempervirens CubeSats (previously coordinated with emission designator 125KX1DCN) in demonstrating satellite-to-satellite and satellite-to-satellite-to-ground relays. Depending on final orbital parameters, the ultimate goal will be to conduct store and forward data relay between radio amateurs across the United States.
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Keywords Open-source

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