PION-BR1 Satellite

Spacecraft name PION-BR1
Form factor PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1p
Status No signal? (Object not identified in Space-Track as of 2022-12-19 and no successful reports in Libre Space forums)
Launched 2022-01-13
Deployer Albapod [Alba Orbital]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-3) (Alba Cluster 4)
Organization PION Labs
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Headquarters Brazil
Launch brokerer Alba Orbital, Exolaunch

Demonstrate PocketQube platform and attitude determination system.


The PION-BR1 PocketQube is a satellite that will test communications systems and it will provide an opportunity for the students from Brazil to collect and transmit data. Also, test a pocketqube platform and an attitude determination system.

The satellite will be a technological demonstrator for the solution under development by PION, designed to provide accessible, secure and reliable IoT (Internet of Things) communications through a constellation of small satellites. Also, the PION-BR1 will provide data and a beacon for radiomateurs as a secondary mission.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, PION Labs develops educational PocketQube kits as a way of inspiring students and teachers in Brazil to engage with space technologies and to promote wider STEM education outreach across the nation. PION-BR1 will be their first PocketQube to reach orbit and achieve valuable ‘space heritage’, demonstrating to students that they can also reach for the stars.

  • The primary mission will be a digital store-and-forward messaging experiment using the NGHam protocol.
  • The secondary mission is to compare and evaluate the performance of the store-and-forward experiment using GFSK and LoRa modulations.

In order to support classroom and STEM activities, the project will also:

  • Evaluate the attitude of a pocketqube in a space environment;
  • Evaluate the temperature environment the satellite is inserted in;
  • Perform data collection of a magnetorquer experiment. The project source code will be published on GitHub. 
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