PehuenSat 1 Satellite

PehuenSat 1
PehuenSat 1
Satellite PehuenSat 1
Type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 6 kg
Status Reentry 2023-01-16. Was operational until 2007-02-01. Reports on website end during that time.
Launched 2007-01-10
NORAD ID 29712
Deployer Custom
Launcher PSLV
Organisation National University of Comahue
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters Argentina
Partners Argentina Association Space Technology (AATE) and AMSAT Argentina.

Educational space systems engineering.


Build and operate a small satellite whose mission is educational, technological and scientific. This satellite will allow the participants to gain an important experience for future projects as part of the Pehuensat Program, with more complex missions.

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