OrigamiSat-1 Satellite

Spacecraft name OrigamiSat-1 (Fuji-OSCAR-98)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Reentry 2022-04-30. Was operational until 2019-01-24, 5 days? UHF signal lost and 5.8 GHz attempts failed.
Launched 2019-01-18
NORAD ID 43933
Deployer E-SSOD (Epsilon Small Satellite Orbital Deployer) [JAXA]
Launcher Epsilon
Entity name Tokyo Institute of Technology
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation Japan
Launch brokerer JAXA, ?

Membrane deployment mission and amateur radio mission.


Membrane deployment mission: an highly functional membrane structure is deployed, and its deployment behavior and deployed shapes are measured in orbit. Amateur radio mission: To enhance radio communication skills, 5.84GHz high-speed transmission.


Within 25 min from the release, House Keeping data in CW from the OrigamiSat-1 were received by an amateur radio operator in Japan, reported by Twitter.
At 22:04JST on the same day, an uplink command from the Tokyo Tech ground station to stop the nichrome cutter for the deployment antenna was successfully responded by the satellite.
There were two approximately 24-h communication loss before January 24, 2019. When the data were obtained, the battery voltages were normal. And at 20:11JST on the seventh day after the launch, the signal from the satellite was lost during the uplink/downlink operation above the Tokyo Tech ground station.
The signal has not been heard since. As a result, none of the main three satellite missions have been successfully carried out yet.
The two about 24-h signal losses are possibly caused by a program bug in COBC, identified after the launch. There was a bug in the satellite mode change. When the satellite mode changes from Nominal to Saving mode at 7.5V, the RX and TX are not properly turned on because of too short command delays in the COBC program. But the satellite can be operated still, because of a once-a-day COBC reset.
Long-time signal loss over 13 months has not been explained clearly. It is caused by either power system, RX/TX, or COBC.

Failure cause Suspect that power system or main microcomputer problem, based on both of 430MHz and 5.84GHz downlink being disabled.
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