Orbital Factory II
Orbital Factory II
Orbital Factory II
Name Orbital Factory 2 (Orbital Factory II, OF-2)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Operational (Official news as of 2020-04-10)
Launched 2019-11-02
NORAD ID 45119
Deployer NRCSD-E (External NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer)
Launcher Antares (ELaNa 25) (NG-12)
Deployment Deployed from Cygnus on 2020-01-31
Organisation University of Texas at El Paso
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation US

Test additive manufacturing utilizing conductive polymers to perform the simulated repair of a solar array junction in orbit.


Test additive manufacturing — or 3D printing — utilizing conductive polymers to perform the simulated repair of a solar array junction in orbit. Flight-demonstrate a 3D-printed capacitor and patch antenna, Electron Emission Film and Surface Charging Monitor.

Establish ground uplink/downlink communication though primary UHF link, Providing UTEP engineering students experiences in satellite tracking and communications / telemetry concepts. • Demonstrate and observe operation of printing mechanism though visual (onboard camera) and electrical continuity validation. Secondary: • Command S-Band DL transmission. Acquiring OF-2 printer data, sensor data and images. • Demonstrate OF-2 software reconfiguration and RTOS reset via UHF UL. The S-band downlink is a demonstration and characterization activity for an experimental s-band antenna design. Designed to work in the S-band ISM band, this activity has the potential to extend the body of knowledge about S band antennas that would potentially support amateur operations.

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Keywords Additive manufacturing

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