ORB-12 Strider Satellite

ORB-12 Strider
ORB-12 Strider
Spacecraft ORB-12 Strider
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 12U
Status Operational? (No news found as of 2023-10-31)
Launched 2023-07-30
NORAD ID 57483
Deployer ?
Launcher PSLV
Organisation Orbital Astronautics
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Headquarters UK
Manufacturer AIVT by Orbital Astronautics
Operator Orbital Astronautics

Test propulsion module for Aliena-Aurora and many internally developed subsystems.


Aliena, a satellite propulsion provider, has signed a contract with Orbital Astronautics Ltd (OrbAstro), a satellite and in-orbit service provider, to fly its AA Multi-modal all-electric AOCS propulsion system onboard an OrbAstro ORB-12 (12U-class satellite) scheduled for launch in September 2022.

The ORB-12 Strider mission will host a variety of payloads for in-orbit testing and demonstration purposes, of which the Aliena-Aurora (AA) propulsion system will be primary.

Aliena has developed a multi-modal attitude and orbit control system (AOCS) with partners from Finland, Aurora Propulsion Technologies. Sharing a common back-end architecture for the propellant, electronic control, and fluidics, the propulsion segment will comprise of Aliena’s MUlti-Staged Ignition Compact (MUSIC) Hall thruster, and Aurora’s ARM resistojets.

The AA multi-modal all-electric AOCS propulsion system will enable customers with the most demanding of mission requirements to benefit from the low-thrust-high-impulse operations of the MUSIC Hall thruster, as well as the high-thrust-low-impulse mode of operations from the ARM resistojets. This system streamlines the propulsion architecture, allowing for dual mode propulsion in a compact and integrated product for operations in formation flying satellites and advanced operations relying on propulsion as an enabler.

Beyond the AA AOCS payload, OrbAstro will be testing a variety of internally developed subsystems on the satellite, some new and some second or third generation, including:

  • Optical transceiver with two-axis precision-steering mechanism for inter-satellite communications, as part of the company’s Guardian Network constellation used for data-relay and autonomous satellite operations
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload utilising Ka-band transmitter with high-gain antenna coupled to a 4GHz bandwidth SDR, piloting a semi-active multi-static SAR mission targeting 10cm resolution 3D imaging
  • Onboard AI processing unit (100 billion neurons, 40 trillion synapses) utilised for Guardian Network satellite and space traffic management service
  • Kilowatt-class thermal management system, utilising phase change heat sink and hybrid deployable solar/radiator panels
  • Kilowatt-class long-life electrical power system
  • Compact optical imaging system providing 1-metre ground resolution
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COTS subsystems
  • THRUSTER - Aliena
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Keywords Propulsion
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