NUS QB50 Satellite

Name NUS QB50
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 2U
Status cancelled
Entity name National University of Singapore
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Country Singapore

Conduct scientific experiments in space. as part of QB50 project.


Conduct scientific experiments in space. With the data collected from the payloads, the satellite will be communicated with the ground station and transfers data within least possible time.

Phase One After deployment from Cyclone space shutter’s POD, NUS QB50 will first activate its Electrical Power System. After which, the antenna will activate its deployment within 30 seconds. Then NUS QB50 will detumble within 48 hours.

Phase Two (Mission) The mission will include downlink & uplink of data, conduction of FIPEX experiment and conduction of SPEQS experiment. For the duration of downlink & uplink of data, it will take maximum duration of 214 seconds. The time reserved for conduction of FIPEX experiment is maximum of 120 minutes a day (4 times of 30 minutes per experiment). For the SPEQS experiment, it will run at the maximum of 20 minutes.

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