NSLSat Satellites

Spacecraft name NSLSat
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Organization NSLComm
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation (HQ) Israel
Nation (AIT) UK
Manufacturer AIVT by AAC Clyde Space
Operator AAC Clyde Space
Launch brokerer Space BD, ISILaunch
Costs $1.5 million for the &U satellite, launch and operations plus a ground segment software solution.

Demonstrator for SkyFi constellation. Test the deployable antenna and high power payload of 1 Gbps downlink.


In February 2023, BeetleSat has announced the successful deployment of its lightweight, very-high data rate, expandable antenna in space. The in-orbit deployment of BeetleSat’s 60 cm expandable antenna from a 6U CubeSat is a significant milestone in the development of the BeetleSat constellation and proves the viability of its proprietary technology.

Two way communications and files transfer already performed successfully with the Antenna and SDR Payload.

Sources [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Photo sources [1]
COTS subsystems
  • OBSW - Bright Ascension
  • MCS - Bright Ascension
  • PLATFORM - Clyde Space
  • OBC - Clyde Space with GPS
  • ADCS - Clyde Space
  • ADM - Clyde Space Deployable Turnstile Antenna
  • BATTERY - Clyde Space
  • EPS - Clyde Space
  • SOLAR PANELS - Clyde Space
  • STRUCTURE - Clyde Space
  • RWS - Clyde Space
  • SUN SENSOR - Solar MEMS NanoSSOC-D60
Keywords Deployable parabolic antenna
Space photos NSLSat


Related Spacecraft

Spacecraft Status Rocket Launch Orbit
NSLSat 1 (NSL-1, NSL 1) Operational (Press release and personal contacts at AAC Clyde) Sojuz 2019-07-05 530 km, 97.5 deg, SSO
NSLSat 2 (BeetleSat-1, NSLSAT-2, NSL-2, NSL 2) Operational (Confirmation on Twitter on 2023-01-09 and press release about antenna deployment on 2023-02-24 as of 2023-04-15. SmallSat 2023 presentation.) Falcon 9, (Transporter-6) 2023-01-03 515 km, 97.5 deg

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