Name NSLSat
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Organisation NSLComm
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation (HQ) Israel
Nation (AIT) UK
Manufacturer AIVT by AAC Clyde Space
Operator AAC Clyde Space
Costs $1.5 million for the &U satellite, launch and operations plus a ground segment software solution.
Oneliner Demonstrator for SkyFi constellation. Test the deployable antenna and high power payload of 1 Gbps downlink.
Sources [1] [2] [3]
Keywords Deployable parabolic antenna

Related Spacecraft

Name Status Launch Orbit
NSLSat 1 (NSL-1, NSL 1) Operational (Press release and personal contacts at AAC Clyde) 2019-07-05 530 km, 97.5 deg, SSO
NSLSat 2 (NSL-2, NSL 2) not launched (Is it still ongoing after NSLComm selected another manufacturer for constellation?) 2022-12-28 not launched

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