NMTSat Satellite

Satellite name NMTSat (New Mexico Tech Nanosatellite)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status No signal (Smallsat 2020 and tweet from Jonathan McDowell on 2019-03-04)
Launched 2018-12-16
NORAD ID 43851?
Deployer RailPOD [Tyvak]
Launcher Electron
Organisation New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters US
Launch brokerer TriSept

Correlating state-of-health information from the spacecraft with space weather in LEO and ELROI Optical Satellite License Plate.


Correlating state-of-health information from the spacecraft with space weather in low Earth orbit (LEO). Consist of five instruments built in-house including: a magnetometer, a Langmuir plasma probe, a dosimeter, a state-of-the-art structural health monitor and an electrical health monitor.

ELROI, the Extremely Low Resource Optical Identifier, is a new concept that can provide a self-powered satellite identification beacon in a package the size of a thick postage stamp. Its small size, low cost, and fully autonomous operation make it usable by all space objects, including CubeSats and inert debris objects. The beacon’s signal is received on the ground using a small telescope equipped with a photon-counting detector which can unambiguously determine the satellite identification number during a single pass overhead. Additional information can be included in the signal to aid in anomaly diagnosis and resolution, further improving spaceflight reliability and safety.


Failed to contact ground stations following launch. Tried to look for the optical signal from the ELROI on the cubesat based on the orbital elements of the various unidentified objects associated with the launch, but failed to see anything.

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Keywords License Plate Identification Tag, Tracking Enhancement Device
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