NEXUS (Next Education X (cross) Unique Satellite, Fuji-OSCAR 99)

Name NEXUS (Next Education X (cross) Unique Satellite, Fuji-OSCAR 99)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Operational (Official website and blog updated daily and last checked on 2019-12-31)
Launched 2019-01-18
NORAD ID 43937
Deployer E-SSOD (Epsilon Small Satellite Orbital Deployer) [JAXA]
Launcher Epsilon
Organisation Nihon University
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation Japan
Launch brokerer JAXA, ?

Amateur radio communications plus camera.


Provide amateur radio communications via the 145/435 MHz transponder and SSTV. Download pictures from the 640×480 pixel camera. Operate the data downlink at 38400 bps QPS. Compare the performance of the data downlink when using AFSK, GMSK and QPSK modes. Demonstration of π/4 shift QPSK transmitter. NEXUS performs data downlink by π/4 shift QPSK transmitter using the amateur radio band. We will perform the new radiowave format fast communication between satellite and groundstation To evaluate its superiority, against the communication speed.

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