NEPTUNO Satellite

Spacecraft NEPTUNO (NEPT-1)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Operational? (Official news on Twitter on 2021-07-27. Presentation at CubeSat Industry Days 2023)
Launched 2021-06-30
NORAD ID 48966
Deployer QuadPack (XL) [ISISpace]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-2) (D-Orbit ION)
Deployment Deployed from D-Orbit ION on 2021-07-24
Entity name Elecnor Deimos
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Country Spain
Costs $2.8M is the total budget.

Constellation demonstrator that contributes to a solution that faces the main challenges of maritime surveillance.


The NEPTUNO project will respond to current and future maritime security challenges through the experimental development of a LEO (Low Earth Orbit – 200-2000 km altitude) and low-orbit (CubeSats) constellation prototype and an advanced information system capable of analysing the millions of data acquired by ground stations using artificial intelligence technologies.

The NEPTUNO intelligent system will be able to detect potentially criminal behaviour patterns and assign a dangerous profile to each watercraft. It will also have an automatic alert system that will notify in real time the potentially criminal actions that are taking place.

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COTS subsystems
  • THRUSTER - Enpulsion IFM Nano Thruster
Subsystems sources [1]
Keywords Propulsion
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