NEE-02 Krysaor Satellite

NEE-02 Krysaor
Spacecraft NEE-02 Krysaor
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Was operational until? Was in hibernation in 2018, but expected to wake up at the end of year (Personal contact 2018-08-07)
Launched 2013-11-21
NORAD ID 39441
Deployer ISIPOD [ISISpace]
Launcher Dnepr
Entity name EXA (Ecuador Space Agency)
Institution Space agency
Entity Government (Civil / Military)
Nation Ecuador
Launch brokerer ISILaunch

Educational training and demonstration of CubeSat platform technologies.


Serving education and also acting as orbital sentinels watching for possible threats from small NEOs in last phase of atmospheric entry and helping to catalog orbital debris. Also it has the latest advances in active deployment of its solar arrays, high speed digital transmission and a higher resolution video camera.

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