NEE-01 Pegaso Satellite

NEE-01 Pegaso
NEE-01 Pegaso
NEE-01 Pegaso
Spacecraft NEE-01 Pegaso
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Was semi-operational until 2017-11-XX. Was operational until 0213-05-23. Collided with Tsyklon debris, but was heard through NEE-02. (Personal contact 2018-08-07)
Launched 2013-04-26
NORAD ID 39151
Deployer ISIPOD [ISISpace]
Launcher Long March 2D
Organisation EXA (Ecuador Space Agency)
Institution Space agency
Entity type Government (Civil / Military)
Nation Ecuador
Launch brokerer ISILaunch

Transmit live video feed from orbit with SSTV.

  • Survive the LEO space environment and transmit telemetry for at least a year.
  • Transmit live video feed from orbit and On-Screen telemetry.
  • Test the Space Environment Attenuation Manifold NEMEA.
  • Test the passive release/deploy technology on multi phase nano solar arrays.
  • Test the high energy generation technology for small spacecrafts.
  • Test the ARGOS-MINOTAUR hyper amplification matrix.
Failure cause Collided with Tsyklon debris, but was heard through NEE-02.
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Keywords First CubeSat of country
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